If ordering BY POST please make sure these details are included with your payment:
1.  The bargain number of the item you are buying
2.  The actual size (from left to right) of your top-board,track, or pole.
3.  The finished length of your curtains.
4.  Details of any extras such as decorative diamonds.
5.  Details of  tie-backs "plain or piped" (optional extras).
6.  The total cost of your order including p+p if applicable  
The following methods of payment are accepted:
  • Debit-Credit cards,Call Direct Sales  01206 842865  opening hours: 9am-6pm mon-fri  (10am-1pm saturday) by pressing the buy now button on the advert and following the checkout procedure
  • Pay directly into our UK Barclays business bank account, (account details given upon request)
  • flexible deposit and payment schemes may be available
  • Postal orders made payable to REHANG
  • Paypal
  • NON UK ORDERS ARE TAKEN AT OUR DISCRETION, please contact us for shipping costs

 CREDIT & DEBIT CARD ORDERS can be taken online or over the phone, the order  details will  be confirmed by us with a full emailed receipt that is sent to the buyer and details the order .
 online buyers should use the "buy now" buttons and proceed using our secure card servers.
 payments must be sent to:                      REHANG  (WITHIN K. P. EVANS &CO LTD)
                                                                     TELFORD WAY
C04 9QP

Call centre 08-707-606-869 (24 hour automated service)
Accounts: 01206 844356 

Email: [email protected]
We can also be contacted by phone during business hours 9am - 6pm monday to friday & 10am to 1pm saturdays.
When contacting us please QUOTE your work reference number  (if available)
 1. In these Terms & Conditions:
‘Conditions’ means these terms and conditions of sale; 
‘Contract’ means the contract for the sale by us and purchase by you of our Goods and/or Services; 
‘Goods’ means all curtain types, swags and tails, window dressings, tie-backs, and any other associated Goods supplied by us following your Order; 
‘Order’ means a written order form , verbal statement , electronic "email" made by you for the supply of Goods and/or Services by us; 
‘Price’ means the price of the Goods, plus any delivery charges; 
‘Services’ means quantifying fabric or lining amounts. designing swags and tails. making up any sets of swags and tails with or without curtains and packaging along with all other interior designing and making
‘you and your’ means the person who either verbally or electronically or physically using an order form buys or agrees to buy Goods from us;
2. Our Contract
2.1 These are the only Terms and conditions that will apply when you purchase Goods and/or Services from us . 
2.2 Our employees or anyone acting on our behalf are not authorised to make any representations concerning our Goods or Services unless confirmed by us in writing.
3. Orders
3.1 When you place an Order with us we may send you confirmation of your Order electronically or by royal mail. it is assumed that when paying by paypal the customer will produce and keep their own paypal receipt, showing the payment. You must bring any discrepancies in the Order to our notice within 3 days of receiving confirmation of the Order from us. If you fail to do so, we shall be entitled to assume that the details in the order confirmation are correct. We reserve the right to charge for any subsequent changes necessary as a result of your failure to properly check the order confirmation.
4. Samples
4.1 Every care has been taken to describe and portray fabrics and items accurately using current photographic and print technology, but due to the nature of the product slight variations in actual fabric colour shade may occur. likewise fabric texture and thickness can only be confirmed by ordering a sample, when choosing a cream fabric as a main fabric you must take into account the effect of a coloured contrasting as darker contrasting colours can make a cream main fabric appear to be a different shade of colour, (especially black or brown contrasts) , We strongly recommend that if you have not already done so, you request a sample of the fabric/s prior to ordering to check colour and texture.designs may vary slightly from the advertised fabric, if an order is placed for a sold out fabric, an alternative may be offered ,or if the alternative fabric is very slight in design,then we may change to the alternative upon our discretion,no responsibility is accepted by rehang for the colour choice or suitability of the fabrics for the customers purposes,the customer must satisfy themselves of the fabric suitability and colour prior to ordering. 
4.2 due to the nature of the product our Samples are intended as a representation of the fabric being offered but not as an exact match as there may be variations of colour between batches of fabric. If you are sensitive to fabric shade, we recommend you request a stock cutting that is a sample from the current batch of stock. 
4.3 Samples are not always labelled and orders will always be made-up using the good side of the fabrics chosen . If you are unsure which is the correct side please contact us,if you require the order to be made using the reverse side of the fabric it is important that you record this in words on the order form .
5. Delivery
5.1 completion and delivery will take  place as agreed with the customer before the order is placed , auction sales such as Ebay will have completion and delivery details stated in each item advert, buying from Ebay confirms the customer is accepting Ebays delivery times and method, Your Order may take up to 6 weeks (30 working days) . unless a specific date has been agreed beforehand and is confirmed in the order confirmation.
5.2 mainland UK delivery costs  (where applicable) will vary according to the weight and volume of the completed order . delivery charges are confirmed prior to ordering and delivery is carried out  by courier  as per the individual carriers terms and conditions, and may need to be signed for. For orders under £75.00 We may arrange delivery using an un-signed for service. rehang will not accept any liability for non-delivery or damaged and/or missing Goods.it is the customers responsibility to make sure the order is insured (at cost to the customer) . if the order is damaged or items missing it is the customers responsibilty to pursue the courier and obtain a refund. 
5.3 Non uk mainland  and outside  uk  deliveries, the delivery charge will be quoted to you before you place the order , once  accepted, your order will be processed and no  disputes relating to delivery charges will be entered into at any further date, if you (the customer) are not happy with the quoted delivery charge then do-not order from rehang,delivery charges quoted to the customer will include all boxing, tapes, custom made plastic packaging & labelling + insurance if requested, rehang will always obtain a written proof of posting. iwritten proof of delivery is not always  possible for non uk deliveries ,in which case electronic proof of unsogned delivery is suffice to and acts as a delivery taking place.if the delivery is signed for by any 3rd parties or delivered to a neighbouring property , then no claims for damage or missing items shal be considrered,should the order be damaged,lost or mislaid, the proof of purchase and delivery can be forwarded to the customer, it is the customers responsibility to deal directly with the courier or postal service used to obtain any compensation for the non delivery, damaged or missing items .
5.4 import tax (where applicable) is payable by the customer receiving the order.
6. Pricing
6.1 The Price structuring of our Goods shall be as advertised in any of our internet or press publications or as set out in any of our price lists or associated special offer listings. 
6.2 all goods ordered will be as detailed. Items such as tie-backs and decorative diamonds along with curtain linings are optional extras as detailed in our advertising 
6.3 Blackout lining, interlining, pinch pleating and goblet headings and co-ordinated borders are optional extras and will be priced upon request.
6.4 all our curtains are made using a 1” 2” or 3” standard taped heading unless an alternative heading is requested , extra charge may apply.to be agreed before ordering.
6.5 we will from time to time offer specially priced to clear sets of swags and tails or curtain and valances along with ex showhome or cancelled orders, these are sold as individually detailed ,the customer must satisfy themselves as to the suitability of colour,size and design before purchasing,if unsure of any details relating to specially priced items please contact us as purchasing special clearance ,ex showhome or cancelled orders goods is final with no refunds given.
6.6 We will confirm the Price of Goods ordered plus any delivery charges at the time you place your Order. 
7. Payment Terms
7.1 Unless agreed otherwise,  payments can be made using any of the following methods:all major debit and credit cards. We also accept payment by private or business cheque made payable to REHANG , postal orders are accepted   Payment must be made in full before your order can be processed. Alternatively for custom made to measure work you may pay a 50% (or agreed amount) deposit with the balance becoming due and payable by the customer upon the work completion but prior to despatch,unless agreed before in good faith, no order is despatched until the full balance have cleared into our business bank account, Please allow 5 working days for cheques to clear.
7.2 When paying using credit/debit cards  both online and over the phone,no work will be despatched until the payment has been authorised by the card supplier or their agents. 
7.3 payment may also be made using a direct bank transfer (account details given upon request) this may take up to 5 working days to clear into our bank account if a different bank is used.
7.4 you may also pay funds directly into our bank account  (account details given upon request) 
7.5 all orders from outside the uk must pay using direct bank transfer or paypal, credit and debit card orders will not be accepted from outside the uk.with no exceptions.
7.6 any  personal or business cheque that is subsequently returned to rehang due to funds not being available in the senders bank/building society account with a "refer to drawer" notice placed upon the cheque,will be resubmitted to rehangs bank account, for clearance,and upon clearance the work shall proceed as originally requested.
7.7 when ordering from any of  our bargain pages ,it is to be understood that all holding deposits are non refundable, any attemp to obtain a credit or debit card chargeback will result in the card details being re-submitted to the issuer  at a later date and the total deposit and balance  payable in full without exception.
7.8 all completed work that has an outstanding balance will be despatched when the balance has been paid and the funds have cleared into rehangs bank account, if the balance or installment  remains outstanding rehang shall attempt to obtain the balance from any debit or credit card. the details of which have been given to rehang previously for deposit or  installment payment purposes. 
7.9  balances due on completed made to measure work which had an accepted completion date of up to 30 working days by the customer shall be taken by debit or credit  card upon work completion date. the details of the debit or credit card being used would have been given to rehang for this purpose,it is the customers responsibility to ensure that enough funds are available in the credit or debit card account to cover the total amount owed to rehang,
8.0  all orders are completed within 30 working days or six weeks from the order date, when a deposit or series of payments for the order have been paid,the balance becomes due upon the completion date or as detailed in writing from us if applicable, once the order is completed and ready to despatch the customer will be contacted to pay the balance which is due . if the balance remains unpaid for a further 7 days the customer will be contacted again by phone or mail service, if after a further 7 day period the balance remains unpaid, the order will be treated as a cancelled order and any deposits or payments paid by the customer or their agent/s will be lost. rehang can at its discretion pursue the customer  for the full balance along with unpacking  and  readvertising charges along with all legal fees and costs encountered . no refunds are given for cancelled or  partially paid orders,  
8. Cancelling Orders, Return of Goods and Refunds
8.1  Returns must be authorised and all postage and packaging return costs are the senders responsibility, unauthorised returned goods can be refused or  returned by rehang or its agent/s  , if a buyer makes an authorised goods return the goods will remain with rehang or their agent/s for 30 days , after this period of 30 days the goods wil be disposed of at rehangs discretion. During this period the sender may pay for the items to be returned back to them.
  it is agreed that we (rehang) shall not be liable for any refund or remaking of any part of the item/s until the goods have been returned to us (if requested by us) for inspection.  goods must be returned to rehangs business address:  REHANG (WITHIN K P EVANS & CO LTD TELFORD WAY, SEVERALLS PARK, COLCHESTER,ESSEX,CO4 9QP in the original un-used condition and packaging,curtains must be un-gathered and un-used. returned curtains that have been gathered will not be liable for any refund or replacement, swags and tails must be in unused condition with no signs of fixing having taken place, It is the customers responsibility to check the order upon arrival for correct dimensions,colours and faults prior to installing/fitting/hanging, no exceptions will be allowed, all  orders are detailed in an Emailed receipt  that is usually sent to the buyer within 24 hours of purchase., any incorrectly stated colour, size,style or  dimension must be bought to our attention within 24 hours of the order receipt  sent to every buyer,   
8.2 You (the customer) shall not be entitled to reject the Goods where the alleged defect or breach of contract is so slight that it would be unreasonable.If you have taken delivery of Goods which were not made to your written specification , it is our policy to remake any incorrect item/s to the correct size/s free of charge, (subject to and not until the original items are returned to rehang and checked ,whereupon a decision to remake or return to the customer will be made) , it is our policy to replace  faulty goods at our discretion . if you have placed an order without making a  payment you have a right to cancel your Order with one exception. That exception being that if we are acting upon instruction (verbal or otherwise) from the customer,and have in good faith ordered goods from a supplier prior to any payment being made to us. then the order cannot be cancelled. A verbal agreement in good faith and/or making a part or full payment  confirms that the customer agrees with these legally binding terms and conditions of sale, 
8.3 Any claim by you which is based on any defect in the quality or condition of the Goods or their failure to correspond with the specification shall be notified to us immediately upon discovery of the defect or failure and in any event any valid claim so made shall not be accepted by us unless made within 7 days from the date of delivery of the Goods.
8.4 We do not accept liability for any indirect loss you may suffer.
8.5 cancellations of  ordered work  that has been started,and is already in progress   and has been paid for by any method of payment either in part or full  will not be accepted.
8.6 bargain items purchased directly  from our website, are purchased as described,and have been reduced to a very low price,if a customer is unsure of the suitability of the bargain set,it is the customers responsibility to ask rehang for a sample of the fabric to ensure suitability.shades of fabric used in the making of the swags and tails and curtains may differ slightly, this can be due to fabrics being used from  rolls of the same design but having slightly different shades , this is not within our control and  is the nature of the product.refunds are not given for bargain sets where the colour is  unsuitable or does not meet the buyers requirements for whatever reason.
8.7 all holding deposits  are non fundable this is final
8.8  orders that are delivered with damaged packaging boxes etc, must  be bought to the attention of the courier who must sign the delivery as damaged,persons collecting or taking delivery of any order  must check the condition of the packaging before accepting the delivery, signing for a delivery with the words damaged or unchecked is not  acceptible, if a box is badly  damaged by the courier then the  the delivery must be refused, and it will be returned to the sender, 
8.9 unless the customer specifically requests the order to be insured for a set amount, the maximum refund for damaged goods is £100.00 . this may not be the full  value of the order, higher compensation amounts must be requested by the purchaser  upon the purchase date.
8.10 if purchasing via Ebay  the items ordered will be as per the advert details, if the item is a pre-sale item with a choice of contrast colours or size options, the customer must notify rehang of the colour choice made and sizes required. if the customer does not notify rehang of all colour and sizes choices , rehang will send an email requesting the details , if no size or colour details are then confirmed by the customer. the order will be made to the advert detail largest size, no liability is accepted by rehang for customers  buying from Ebay who have mis-measured their width or required curtain drops, if the completed order is made to the advert sizes it is agreed that  the order will not be expected to fit widths or lengths outside the advert details dimensons. 
8.11 curtain linings may very in shade from curtain to curtain, shade differences may be found in a single pair of curtain linings, any differences will be slight and this is unavoidable due to the nature and processing of the product. if the customer is unhappy with the shade of curtain linings used or feels the shade difference is too great   they must return the curtains to us within 7 days of receiving them, we will endeavour to find a suitable match of lining shade & replace free of charge. slight shade differences  will not be replaced and will be returned to the customer, the decision to replace a curtain lining is at the descretion of rehang.
8.12   customers that contact us with the sole view of obtaining a discount by means of using threatening behaviour, or verbal abuse will not be tolerated,and will be told to place the complaint in a writen letter to us, and may be reported to the police, if unsure of any complaint procedure please contact your local citizens advice centre or your local trading standards office,the address can be found in your local telephone directory,
8.13 custom made to measure (pre orders) are made to the buyers chosen sizes and colours, samples are readily available and if the buyer is unsure of the colours they have chosen they must obtain a sample prior to ordering and making a payment. if a buyer requests samples but places and pays for an order before the samples arrive it will be deemed that the buyer is satisfied with the colour choices made and cannot cancel the order after the samples have arrived as the order would have already been placed, paid for, and started.

9. Warranties and Liability
9.1 Subject to the Terms set out below we warrant that upon delivery the Goods will correspond with their specification, and will be free from defects .we shall be under no liability arising from failure by any person, (other than us or our employees or contractors,) to follow our instructions whether oral or in writing, inappropriate storage, improper use, further treatment of or process to the Goods or any defect caused as a result of reasons which are under the customers or their agents control.
9.2 We shall not be liable to you nor be deemed to be in breach of contract by reason of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, any of our obligations in relation to the Contract, if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond our reasonable control such as (but without limitation) any strike, lock-out or other form of industrial action, reduction in or unavailability of power at our works or those of our suppliers, breakdown of manufacturing or other equipment and unavailability of raw materials.
9.3 Unless these Terms provide otherwise, any other warranty, condition or other term expressed or implied by law or otherwise is excluded save that nothing in these Conditions shall affect the statutory rights of a consumer which cannot be excluded by law. In particular, we make no warranty as to the fitness of the Goods for any particular purpose other than the normal purpose for which the Goods are used even if that purpose is stated in your order unless we specifically confirm in writing that the Goods are fit for such a purpose. This exclusion includes recommendations or advice from us to you relating to a specific enquiry. You must satisfy yourself as to the fitness for the purpose for which the Goods are intended.
9.4 our products are made to the customers stated sizes and ,the customer must satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the fabric ,lining,and heading tapes .for their own individual requirements,please note that: our fabrics are not flame retardent or flame proof,purchasing our products for  commercial or business use is the purchasers responsibility, commercial purchasers such as dining  places. food takeaways or restaraunts should request a stock sample of the fabric, fabric lining and associated interlinings where appropriate in order to check with their own insurers  as to the suitability of the intended order ,commercial buyers should only place an order once they have satisfied themselves of the suitability of the fabrc/s. if the buyer is unsure of suitability and in the interest of public safety, they should not place an order. 
9.5 All 
10. General
10.1 You must not copy or reproduce any of our photographs or designs without obtaining our permission in writing.
10.2 Any written notice you want to send us must be sent to us at: REHANG (WITHIN K P EVANS & CO LTD TELFORD WAY, SEVERALLS PARK, COLCHESTER,ESSEX,CO4 9QP . written notices will be sent to the address on your Order form, unless you notify us otherwise.
10.3 when making from customers own fabrics, We do not accept liability for any defect in the fabrics or linings and associated items supplied by the customer, fabrics must be checked for flaws and defects prior to sending to us, any known flaws or defects must be made known to us prior to making the order,no refunds will be given..
10.4 customers must complete and return to us an order form which must detail all dimensions as asked for.the work will be made to the sizes as requested,and no responsibility is accepted by us for the customers mis-measuring. it is the customers ultimate responsibility to make sure that the sizes as stated on the order form are correct.any measuring mistakes made by the customer may not be able to be rectified once work has started.changes of mind or design by the customer may incur an extra charge if work has started, extra charges will be agreed before the alterations take place. requesting a longer curtain drop than originally ordered will incur extra charges, if the original fabric has been cut , the customer must pay for the new curtains prior to work commencing .
10.5 all our email or other quoted prices will hold for a 14 day period only.customers must  be quoted again outside this time period.
10.6 any customer or their agent/s verbally placing an order with us that subsequently requests us to order fabrics and associated goods prior to the deposit or full payment being received by us. and who then fails to send the verbally agreed payment  within 7 days of the verbal order being made,will at our discretion have a hold placed on the order until payment has been received by us, should this situation arise any guaranteed completion date agreed by us will be void and a new completion date of up to 6 weeks from the payment  clearance date shall take effect.
10.7 where non payment of any order verbal or otherwise takes place,we shall at our discretion invoice the purchaser for an amount  that will cover all items purchased and labour along with postal and recovery & legal costs.
11. credit and debit  card handling charges 
11.1 at present NO CHARGE for  DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD  transactions ARE APPLIED  this may change without notice, no charges are applied when using paypal 

We do not store customer's financial details